Twitch Streamer Kai Cenat's 30-Day Subathon: How Cannabis Almost Got Him Banned Again

On Feuary 1st, Kai Cent started a 30-day subtle on. Banned after passing out live after a cannabis session, he came back more motivated than ever to this marathon that seems to be quite complicated.


The day after his return to the platform, he was almost banned again. An error that can compromise your station early on. For those do not know, Station is a live category where the streamer puts a decreasing counter and as the public interacts with donates and inscriptions it increases and until zero live the live does not end. The idea is to stay long in live, but 30 days can be a little too much.

It's her fault, not mine

During his first day of Station, Kai Cent had the good idea to participate in e-dotes. Common practice in his lives. They are (as the name suggests) online meetings. He talked to several young people before being face to face with Lildedjanet. What he didn't know was that she had been banned several times from the platform. He freaked out because it is supposed to be prohibited to invite banished streamers to Live. Kai Cent repeatedly asked her were you banned from Twitch? Seeing that she was trying to avoid the question, he immediately excluded her from the call. He then goes to the Twitch gods, asking them not to banish him. According to him, it is the blame of the streamer, who wanted to come to Live knowing very well that this could endanger the creator of the creator of the content.

Was he really banned?

Twitch's rules of conduct claim that streamers are prohibited from inviting banned creators to a live, calling this practice of banning evasion. This can yield to the host another ban, which would have irritated a lot Kai Cent, as he recently returned from a punishment. After all, he was not banned because his producer assured that the streamer in question had not specified that he had some problems with Twitch. The teams behind Kai Cent did not know her and did not even wonder if she had been banned. Kai Cent remains quietly his Station and since then has not come close to the ban. Your friends have fun making a lot of pranks with him when he tries to rest and generate a lot of content.


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