Unlock the Hidden Power of Hogwarts Legacy: Discover the 4 Graphics Modes & More on PS5 & Xbox Series X

The Harry Potter role-playing game uses you four graphics modes on PS5 and Xbox Series X after the start, however in fact Hogwarts Tradition supports far more.


In addition to a choice to unlock frame rate for TVs with variable frame frequencies (VRR), the title likewise has a modern-day innovation for realistic real-time mirroring. Ray tracing is a little hidden and can not be activated on some PS5 consoles due to an error. We'll inform you how to do it anyhow and what you can anticipate from the demanding graphics innovation. Translatitude at J.K. Rowling: The success of Hogwarts Tradition comes indirectly Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling to the good, through existing publishing rights and gets involved in the associated sale of the books. Rowling continues to be actively visible through anti-LGBTQIA+ rhetoric and actively supports anti-trans policy in UK. If you wish to discover more about the subject, you will discover a summary of the most essential controversy around Hogwarts Tradition.

How to trigger Ray tracing on the PS5 and Xbox Series X

The intricate light ray simulation can just be turned on in the Hogwarts Legacy. There she is listed under the name Fidelity with Ray tracing. To get to the advertisement menu, you have to push triangle or y in the main menu.

During the video game you can likewise pick the setting rider in the break menu.

mistake message on the PS5-this is how you prevent the frustrating performance bug

Some of you might have come across it, and we too are nearly desperate throughout our efficiency test: As quickly as your fidelity clicks with Ray tracing, you have to restart the game to take on the change. Instead of being able to play with ray tracing, an ad appears that suggests that the performance mode has been reset: All of a sudden the regular fidelity mode is active again, Ray tracing has not been turned on. However, it works with a workaround! Follow the following steps: Enters into the system menu of the PS5 Select data and game/app settings saved rather far listed below Navigated to video game presets Under the point of efficiency mode or resolution mode, your video game standard setting Fidelity can be triggered with ray tracing Just the settings for the performance or resolution mode prevent the modification to the Ray tracing image mode for an unreasonable factor.

that brings ray tracing.

In fidelity mode with ray tracing you are on the roadway with steady 30 FPS, however the display screen distance and density of the greenery are reduced compared to the conventional fidelity mode. In addition, the lighting of the video game world is less contrasting and the resolution likewise drops from approximately 1800p to 1368p, the image edition is therefore blurred. In our short article on the finest settings, we therefore encourage you to utilize Ray tracing specifically on Complete HD and 1440p displays: 10 2 Best settings for Hogwarts Tradition So you get the optimum out of the role-playing game The reflections are absolutely impressive. They consist of the whole environment and not just the noticeable image section. Good to see here on the statue, the back of which is really covered: The much too bright, partly cut-off reflections that arise in the basic reflections also vanish as quickly as the camera no longer catches the environment: And we can finally acknowledge our character in mirrors! The Ray tracing application of Hogwarts Tradition also has the downside that they often ensure reflections in locations that should not really have any. Here, for instance, on the column and the masonry, which reflect light in a partly impractical way: In addition, the variety of simulated light rays is low in order not to overwhelm the hardware of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, which is why the reflections have a grainy effect. They are not always understandable. On the left side of the joker store in Hogsmeade, for instance, they are missing out on in the windows, but on the right, the surroundings of the magic village are reflected: RT is not an RT. More articles and news about Hogwarts Tradition:. Hogwarts Tradition gets limited PS5 controller, however luckily not in Germany. Hogwarts Tradition: This is how the 4 homes vary in missions, equipment & more. Hogwarts Legacy name generator assists you to find the best name.

In concept, ray tracing is nice to look at, the disadvantages-i.e. the low precision-are and the irregular usage likewise more than clear, which is why Avalanche software could have decided not to offer the mode in the menu at the beginning. At least when it comes to PS5, the performance is certainly not. Hogwarts Legacy grabs the mode without disturbing break-ins at the frame rate and plays extremely enjoyable! Is ray tracing interesting for you? Or do you not wish to do without the additional graphics information and the higher resolution of the fidelity mode?


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