LOL: Estral Ascends Table in Week 6 of Latin American League with 2 Points - Emotions Complicate Low Table Teams' Paths


Week number 6 of the Latin American League begins with the last points at stake that seek to move the table in favor of the squads that are looking for a much better classification, along the past dates we have seen that the teams demonstrate a growth quite wide compared to the first days, but now there are few meetings to take those points.

An overwhelming wave unstoppable

Starting with a duel between Six Karma against Infinity watching a rather solid thrust from the green wave team that has a Kong in the hands of Fleet that demonstrates a rather good power that helps its teammates that little by little begins to Create more opportunities with which they manage to take the first point. The second contest showed more couple and had a lot of surprises starting with a Poppy in the middle part for Cody that shows a great talent with the champion being accompanied by a Aliyah of Fleet who play in a quite good pair to take an advantage Important, the strength of the wave begins to make infinity fall and surprise with a entails from Meaning leaving a 2-0 in favor of Six Karma.

Flying high and reigning on the kings

In the second series we see Astral against The Kings with the Eagles squad showing a fair Little closes on the side of the current leaders to take the first point.

In the second round we see a more varied composition from the astral team that takes a virus for Same that becomes brutally dangerous with the damage it does with each arrow that puts the favorable things for them creating in this way the opportunity they need To be able to finish the duel and take the victory. After two series tilted to a single side we could see the green wave squad dominating theirs and on the other hand to the eagles showing their strength to seek to maintain first place, with only one more date to define that teams advance to the Playoff stage in a better position that helps them, now it's time to see another day of this day when things could get complicated in the lower part.


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