Octopath Traveler 2: Despite Being 2020's Best RPG, Struggles to Reach Success in Japan


Square Enix's RPG sequel only simply released last week on February 24, yet game sales data has already been reported from Japan, thanks to the Video game Data Collection tweet simply below. Sociopath Vacationer 2 has actually reportedly sold just 78,000 duplicates across PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch over in its very first week on the marketplace.

Sociopath Tourist 2 has actually debuted to unsatisfactory sales in Japan.

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This is no question actually unsatisfactory for Square Enix. What makes it even more confounding is that Sociopath Traveler 2 is really a perfect follow up from Team Asana, a much more polished RPG that surpasses the initial in nearly every way. That it's stopped working to move a considerable quantity of copies, sufficient to beat the initial Sociopath Vacationer, is a huge pity.

What's more, Sociopath Tourist 2 is the only multi-platform Team Asana video game. The similarity Fearlessly Default 2 and Triangle Method are unique Nintendo Switch over video games, and also they have actually both beaten out Sociopath Tourist 2 in launching once a week sales at retail in Japan, and by fairly some margin, passing the data from Game Data Library over.

This number means Sociopath Tourist 2 is the second-weakest Group Asana game launch in Japan at retail. It's defeated because classification just by 2022's Live A Live remake, which sold around 71,000 copies at launch in Japan. Live-A-Live just launched on Nintendo Change though, where's Sociopath Tourist 2 is now available throughout PlayStation and Nintendo Change.


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